Tuesday, March 31, 2009

News from Hull - Race Equality Scheme Review for Hull

Hull City Council's Race Equality Scheme is being reviewed and need views from public, whom for people living and working in the Hull City.

Hull City Council is committed to treating all people fairly, with dignity and respect. As a public authority, the council has the legal requirements to promote equality in the areas of disability, gender and race. It is also very timely in view of the constantly changing ethnic demographic of Hull

Under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, Hull Race Equality Scheme is now due for a full review.

The new Race Equality Scheme is to ensure everyone who lives or works in or visits this city, regardless of their skin, nationality, ethnic, cultural or religious identity will experience high quality services from the City Council and its entire staff.

Public views are vital for developing the new scheme and how the council should be doing to tackle discrimination, disadvantage and promoting race equality. The race equality scheme review will be completed in June 2009. (Source: Hull Talk, The Magazine for employees of Hull City Council Issue 108, 9 March, 2009)

The Lesson Learned for Malaysian Local Authorities

Opposition parties had urged the government to reconsider its move to draw up a Race Relations Act. It is not suitable or the best way to solve racial sensitivities.

It is certainly, and fairly, if Malaysia is looking out for the race/ethnic equality survey to identify priorities based on people needs and the needs of the external customers.

I am urging the government, to improve our standard of living based on age, race/ethnic, religion and belief’ as to avoid discrimination.

The government should understand and help our community better and deliver real benefits and outcomes to them. We do not need a Race Relations Act. Without such act, Malaysia can still promote the universal concept of social justice and respect by treating all Malaysians equally.

The UK’s environment might not be the same like us.

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