Monday, March 09, 2009

ESQ Way 165

Which is your Intelligence - IQ, EQ or SQ?

Do you consider yourself to be intelligent?

Most people with a high IQ do not go on to be as successful as their IQ score may lead us to believe.

There is another type of intelligence that may be more important to success in life and this has been publicised by the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by Daniel Goleman.

Studying EQ it becomes clear that IQ has less to do with success in life than EQ. The good news is that we all have EQ and that it can be developed.

Now we have Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Michael Guillen has developed the idea of ‘spiritual intelligence’. SQ considers your views beyond the materialistic living of modern life. Without spirituality it is possible to become very unhappy or dissatisfied with life no matter how much material possessions we accumulate.

While IQ allows us to analyse what is the traditional role of academia, EQ helps us to adapt to the world as it changes, and we have, SQ that has us transform our world into a whole new order of being. The way to develop our IQ is quite different to that which develops our EQ, which is different again to that which develops our SQ. What is exciting is that there are holistic methodologies available that allow us to develop all three simultaneously in ways that enrich our lives and add value. The trick is to find and use such methodologies effectively.

Many of my friends and a few persons I knew, suddenly change their attitudes and behaviours.

WHY we born to this world?

To find more lets see/watch youtube and get the training on, ESQ WAY 165, by Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian.

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