Monday, June 22, 2009


AIM: Safeguarding children in Malaysia through safer recruitment; to curtail crimes.
TODAY: No clear pathway in government policy to ensure children's safety in Malaysia and lack of public awareness.
GOVERNMENT ROLE: Government has a legal requirement to lead a legislative review study to provide better protection for children.
According to UNICEF, The UN-"needs and rights of children must be priority in all developments efforts".
Children abuse
WHO estimates 150 millions girls forced sexual intercourse or violence (2002)
What we need?
Criminical record portfolio proposal; safeguarding children through safer recruiment to all potential candidates who will be working in school.
How it works
All applicants will have legal requirement , CRC clearance before context with children.
Recruitment and selection process ; scrutiny & shortlisting, references & interview.
Employer should keep enforcement, sharing process of information from any authorities.

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