Monday, August 17, 2009


Are you the directive, participative or "team-oriented" style of leadership? Please answer, yes or no.

1. Do you like the authority which leadership brings?

2. Generally, do you think it is worth the time and effort for a leader to explain the reasons for a decision or policy before putting policy into effect?

3. Do you tend to prefer the planning functions of leadership, as opposed to working directly with your members?

4. A stranger comes into your work area, and you know the person is a new member. Would you first ask, "What is your name?," rather than introduce yourself?

5. Do you keep your members totallly up to date on developments affecting the groups?

6. Do you find out that in giving assignments, youn tend to state the goals, and leave the methods of performing the tasks up to your members?

7. Do you think leaders should remain distant from members, because in the long run familiarity breeds less respect?

8. When deciding about an event (e.g. training camp), you have heard that the majority prefers to have it on saturday, but you are sure Sunday would be better for all. Would you put question to a vote rather than make the decision yourself?

9.If you could, would you actively seek advice from your members on person to person level?

10.Do you find it fairly easy to give low ratings when evaluating your members?

11. Do you think you should be friendly with your members?

12. After considerable time, you determine the answer to a tough problem. You pass along the solution to your members who critique it rigorously. Whould you be annoyed that the problem is still unsolved, rather than become upset with them?

13. Do you agree that one of the best ways to avoid problems of discipline is to provide adequate punishment for violation of rules?

14. Your members are criticizing the way you handled a situation. would you try to convince them, rather than stress that your decisions as leader are final?

15. Do you generally leave it up to your members to contact you whenever informal day to day communication are needed?

16. Do you feel that your members should have some personal loyalty to you?

17. Do you like using committees, rather than making decisions alone?

18. Do you perceive differences of opinion within your work group as being healthy?

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