Saturday, August 08, 2009

University of Hull

Uni drops plans for Asian campus

Saturday, August 08, 2009, 06:30

Plans by the University of Hull to develop a multi-million pound Asian campus have been scrapped.

The university had been exploring the possibility of a Faculty of Science, Health and Enterprise, in South Johor, Malaysia.

It would have been based in EduCity, a 600-acre education complex, which will be built to accommodate world-class universities expanding into south east Asia.

But the university was unable to come to an agreement with the Iskandar Investment Board (IIB), which is behind the EduCity concept.

A spokeswoman said the recession had played no part in the pull-out.

She said: "The decision not to proceed with the project was based on the fact that the university's offerings were at variance with the IIB's plans for EduCity.

"There are no plans to revisit the EduCity project or for any other international campuses at this time."

The project would have raised the profile of the institution abroad.

A feasibility study found the engineering, computer science and health departments were not practical, but that the business school could have been very successful.

However, this option was rejected by the IIB and it was decided it would not go ahead.

A total of £43,000 has been spent on the project since they signed a memorandum of intent with the IIB in July 2008.

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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