Thursday, May 21, 2009

Parodox of 'intellectuals'

From the Islamic point of view

How Muslims in Malaysia should look and develop their faith.

The points are:-

1. Knowledge credentials, should look at high perspective

2. Ego-low

3. personal pride-low

4. Knowledge horizon-high

5. materialism-low

6. Knowledge sharing-high

7. Respect scholars-high

8. Respect other contributions-high

9. Knowing everything still very low

10. Emotional bank account is very high

The Items that we have and pratice:

1. Paper crenditials looking so high

2. Ego-high

3. personal pride-high

4. Knowledge specialization-high

5. Materialism-high for own benefit

6. Knowledge personalization-high; less sharing knowledge

7. Respect scholars-low

8. Respects other contributions-low

9. Knowing everything-high, for self-satisfaction

10. At last, the emotional bank account is deficit


The 'intellectuals' looking for money, personal pride and "materialism" rather than knowledge horizon and knowing everything for living to be good muslims.

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