Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fight Against Drug Traffickers

Hishammuddin: Drug bust a job well done

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein praised the police for their successful drug bust in Rompin, Pahang yesterday.

He also commended the team for rejecting a bribe offer of RM500,000.

"The operation was carried out in an efficient manner and with integrity. I am proud of the sincerity of the personnel involved," Bernama quoted him as saying in a statement yesterday.

The uprightness the team members displayed should be emulated by officers and personnel in all agencies under the Home Ministry, he said.

"The team will be given a token of appreciation in recognition of their high degree of professionalism."

In the 6.45am operation, three suspects were arrested and a lorry carrying 978kg of syabu worth RM254 million was seized in Jalan Cenderawasih, Rompin.

Also last week, another drug syndicate in the state was busted. Five suspects were arrested separately in Maran after police found packets of a white substance on them, believed to be heroin.

The drugs, totalling 195g, are worth about RM15,300.

The first arrest was that of a 40-year-old businessman from Kuantan, who was nabbed in Kampung Belimbing, Sri Jaya, around 11.30pm last Tuesday.

Police said the suspect was believed to have been involved in drug trafficking here for the past five months.

They arrested another man in Kampung Baru Chenor at 10pm the next day. The 40-year-old unemployed man from Felda Jengka 18 had been trafficking in drugs in Jengka, Kampung Awah and here for the past four months.

On Thursday, three more suspects, believed to have been selling drugs for four months, were arrested at 3.30pm after their car was stopped on the Pekan Awah main road.

They were two men, aged 24 and 25, and a 22-year-old woman, all from Kuala Lumpur.

Source: The New Straits Times, Sunday, May 10, 2009, 03.04 PM

The lessons Learned

My sugggestions on combating drug trafficking, through:-

1. Police should launched like a military led-offensive against the traffickers-to cut down the smuggling routes, controls by air or borders. The main objective is to desperate the traffickers. Government should be committed to working in partnership with ASEAN counterparts to make sure that we are dealing with this scourge on both sides of the border. The drug traffickers must be prosecuted with great determination throughout the region.

2. The police force should build up many teams with integrity anf efficient manner. Police corruption must be stopped. Government may deployed thousands of troops in an aggressive crackdown on drug-related violence. The army is regarded as well-trained and disciplined. Furthermore, the Malaysian public respects the military. I suggest that it is good to combining federal security forces. Strong agreements and cooperation between police and customs should be done to combat drugs.

3. Focusing on enforcing the existing laws and Judicial reforms. The House of Parliment and The Senate should passed a series of constitutional reforms that overhaul criminal procedures in Malaysia. The reforms include oral trials with public proceedings, sentencing based on the evidence presented during trial, and the creation of a group of judges that can rule quickly on requests for search warrants.

4. Supporting Training. Government should provided to the Malaysian national police dogs trained in the detection of drugs.


To step up measures to combat large-scale drug trafficking, in particular;

1. By stressing the international dimension of this trafficking and the proven links with the networks of arms trafficking and terrorism and, being extremely concerned by the evidence that large sums of money made by selling drugs illegally are being used to finance international terrorism, by taking steps to encourage strong international efforts to stop the destabilising effects of this traffic.

2. By intensifying the co-operation between the national authorities by improving the exchange of information on the flow of international capital associated with drugs and, more generally, on detecting, freezing and confiscating drug traffickers' financial assets.

3. By examining, in specific cases, the possibility of stopping and searching vessels suspected of drug trafficking outside territorial waters, without losing sight of the provision of Article 108 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which provides that "all states shall cooperate in the suppression of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances engaged in by ships on the high seas contrary to international conventions.

4. To put more emphasis on the useful role which could be played in combating drug abuse by the mass media.

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