Thursday, April 23, 2009

SWITZERLAND - World's Most Visited Tourist Destination


It is interesting presented by the physical geography of the country. I longed to know what forces had raised the mountains, had hollowed out the lakes, and directed the rivers.

During all my holidays these questions have occupied my thoughts, and I have read much of what has been written about them. Our knowledge is indeed very incomplete, many problems still baffle the greatest Geographers, as to others there is still much difference of opinion.

Nevertheless an immense fund of information has been gathered together; on many points there is a fair concensus of opinion amongst those best qualified to judge, and even where great authorities differ a short statement of their views, in a form which might be useful to those travelling in Switzerland, could hardly fail to be interesting and instructive.

No such book is, however, in existence. I urged my friends and several others far better qualified than I am myself, to give us such a volume, feeling sure that it would be welcome to our countrymen and add both to the pleasure and to the interest of their Swiss trips. They were all, however, otherwise occupied, but they encouraged me to attempt it, promising very wonderful experiences.

It is the pleasure of spending a short holiday in Switzerland.

Being away from home, I have only visited the Switzerland once in December 2008, just seen the nature (creation) given by Allah s.w.t, and I should like, make a few remarks on how we can safeguard our environment.

We need all Malaysians to be a part of saving and preserving the environment of our beloved country. Future is in our hands.

I believe that we owe it to our beloved country Malaysia, our people, and our future generations to conserve and exercise more diligence and care for our environment.

Please protect our environment, heritage and culture for sustainable tourism.

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