Friday, February 06, 2009


1. A blog is written publication of one’s personal thoughts, articles, etc. It is basically an outlet for any writing endeavor or thought, a personal space for someone to express the written word in any manner they so choose. There are several reasons, why I suddenly use blog.

2. I use my blog as a source of INSPIRATION. I blog to express my thoughts on anything. I created this Blog to share views with viewers. I CAN WRITE AND EXPLAIN MY OPINION FREELY ACROSS THE GLOBE. It is such a free social messaging utility for staying connected with everybody in a real-time. Doing good is not the same as giving something away for free. Writing in a comment on my blog, it offers me, freedom of speech in a published format for any viewer to read. Any thought, any emotion, any artistic piece can be posted within minutes giving a writer an immediate sense of gratification for their work. For me, it can act as an outlet, a public diary, and promote a sense that one’s words are valuable and meaningful to viewers who often become loyal readers of some blogger sites. It is also a platform for people like me, who are interested in the writing field or just want to express my personal “voice”. Blogs are a fast way to join the forums' discussions, provide tips and insights or receive feedback.

3. After all, I created this Blog to share my gain and improve confidence in my writing skills, and give me an opportunity to share ideas with others. A blog is informal. It is part of a conversation where people, often can comment. Each comment or advice is like a little gift.

4. Position myself in a new form of channel or medium, and current approach doing dakwah. This form of dakwah and became an important channel of communication. This is one way how I spend my time these days. I am really excited about it and hope you all readers.

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